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Make The Perfect Grazing Board To The Best Charcuterie Boards

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a grazing table or board and a charcuterie board? If so, I have everything that you need to make the perfect grazing board to the best charcuterie boards ever!

A grazing board and a charcuterie board are similar in that they are both platters of food meant to be shared among a group of people. However, there are some differences between the two.

A grazing platter typically includes a wider variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dips in addition to cured meats and cheeses. Grazing boards often have a more diverse range of colors and textures, and may be more focused on healthy or vegetarian options.

A charcuterie board, on the other hand, is typically more focused on cured meats and cheeses, with less emphasis on other types of foods. A cheese board may include different types of cured meats, like prosciutto or salami, and a variety of cheeses, like brie, cheddar, or blue cheese.

When making your own boards, you get to decide what type of board you make and can take dietary restrictions into account. Do not be nervous the first time you make the perfect grazing table. Whatever you do will be perfect! If you think it looks great, it does!

Grazing Boards and Charcuterie Boards

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Overall, both grazing boards and charcuterie boards are great options and can be a great way to entertain, and which one you choose may depend on your personal tastes and the preferences of your guests.

A grazing plate or graze board can take your main event to the next level by using some common household items like parchment paper or butcher paper on the base of the table.

By using these coverings, it allows you to use alternative surface options instead of just a large board. I also like to use edible flowers for special events like welcoming the new year, family gatherings, corporate events, engagement parties, birthday parties, a wedding reception or a baby shower.

Edible flowers and ceramic bowls are the perfect way to create a visual interest in different forms. A beautiful presentation should be the first thing you think about.

Charcuterie meats with crackers, grapes, olives, nuts, wine and cheesePin

The table look is everything!

For a larger crowd, I like to include dessert boards, finger foods and all of the tools people need to serve themselves. Think small plates, mini tongs, small tongs, a serving plate, a wooden board, a slate board, cheese knives, small bowls, anything a large family would use to serve themselves.

A fun way to create the perfect board is create different shapes using different materials and different types of cheese, meat products and seasonal fruits. I have found that it is a good option is to make a cheese platter that is a meat-free board. A general rule of thumb that I like to use is serve my selection of cheeses at room temperature and use local fresh fruits.

Fresh strawberry, cherry tomatoes, genoa salami and meat slices are all great things that your taste buds will love! Be certain to add them to your shopping list!

Pro Tip

Grazing tables are the latest trend for special occasions. I am often asked how to create a cheap grazing table. While a lesser expensive table is possible, a cheap grazing table is subjective. Often times your local delivery has free options that are included when you choose to have your groceries delivered.

You can also ask if there are new cheeses or meats that you can sample at home on your board or table. I am often surprised by what I am given at low or no cost.

With the price of food these days, the cost is still less than ordering one! The good news is you can make the perfect grazing board to the best charcuterie boards and still try to keep costs down.

You can do this by thinking about the types of meat that you choose in addition to the soft cheeses that you select.

You may want to consider splurging on your favorites things and choosing less expensive items for the remainder.

Using butcher paper allows for a neat and fast clean up.

Create The Perfect Grazing Board To The Best Charcuterie Boards With These Basic Steps

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  1. Choose a variety of meats: Select different types of cured meats like salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni. Arrange them in groups or clusters on the board. Determine how many ounces of meat you will need.
  2. Choose a variety of artisan cheeses: Choose a mix of soft and hard cheeses like brie, cheddar, gouda, and blue cheese. Cut them into small pieces or slice them and arrange them on the board. Gourmet cheese selections can also be an option depending on the type of event or holiday season. I love serving a good charcuterie board as a main course during intimate gatherings. Remember to include a cheese knife.
  3. Add some fruits and nuts: Add fresh fruits like grapes, strawberries, and figs, as well as dried fruits like apricots and cranberries. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews are also great additions.
  4. Add crackers and bread: Choose a variety of crackers and bread, like baguette slices, water crackers, and breadsticks.
  5. Add some spreads: Include some dips like hummus, pesto, or salsa, and spreads like jam or honey. Feel free to put these items in little bowls.
  6. Decorate the board: Finally, add some garnishes like fresh herbs, olives, or pickles to make the board look beautiful and appetizing. Rosemary has an amazing fragrance that ignites the taste buds!
  7. You will need a chopping board, a serving board, a large platter and large cutting board depending on how much food you have on hand. Make sure that you cover the entire board with food.

Remember to be creative and have fun while making your grazing table or charcuterie board and post your best flat lay pics on social media when hosting your next cocktail hour!

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