Hi, I’m Tiffani

Tiffani with an “i” is the author of the beloved blog and Instagram, Rustic Urban Life where she shares her passion for creating simple and easy meals from scratch, crafts, entertaining and all things joyful. Tiffani loves that her kids, Sharmaine & Eric, were able to grow up eating quick and easy homemade meals together with her and her husband, Johnny Appleseed. Eating as a family in between sports practices and school events was, and still is, very important to Tiffani.

One of Tiffani’s favorite things to do is cook and she has been cooking her entire life.  She learned to cook when she was seven and believe it or not, she is just learning how to sew!  Tiffani is happiest when she is cooking with and for her husband, Johnny Appleseed, both kiddos or roaming the nearest forest on a hike. Tiffani is a dedicated elementary school principal by day and a DIY explorer of all things by night! 

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

at the beach

Listening to

the Dave matthews band

grateful for

my family and the joy I have for the Lord

Favorite place

st. croix

my weekends

family & sports

best snuggle buddies

my husband, johnny appleseed
Family funny faces

Where this all began

In 2014, Tiffani and her friend Summer created Rustic Urban Life to share their passion in preserving all things simple. At Rustic Urban Life, Tiffani believes in preserving a simpler way of living. From delicious, no fuss recipes to a warm and cozy home, she is here to help you find a more relaxed way to do life. Plain and simple, like things used to be.