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How Pricing A Cheese Board Led To Making Charcuterie Boards

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Why does the French word charcuterie sound so expensive? Charcuterie does not have to cost as expensive as it sounds! How did pricing a cheese board lead to making charcuterie boards? The cost of making a charcuterie board is definitely less than the total amount of ordering one!

The cost of making a charcuterie board at home will vary depending on the specific ingredients you choose and the quantity of each item. You can generally expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $100 or more, depending on the size of the board, the number of people you are feeding and the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Before you place your next order, think about making your own board! Grab some ounces of meat like genoa salami, disposable plates and those gift cards that you have been saving! It’s time to make a delicious board as our main course!

Guess what? It’s free delivery because you are making it at home!

Zoomed in view of a grazing board with grapes, cheese and fruit.Pin

Grazing Table Or A Cheese Board

You could even make a grazing table or use wood boards to make large charcuterie boards depending on the type of party and how much food you plan to put on a single board. The size of the board will determine how much your board cost, your selection results and if you shop at a store like Trader Joe will impact your cost.

There are different types of charcuterie boards. Depending on if you are going for a large board or a small board or even using appetizer portions, all of these factors will determine your costs. If you are having a special event, the cheese selection or cheese option will determine if a proper charcuterie board or a classic charcuterie board is what you are after.

The actual wood charcuterie board costs can vary. You can check out Etsy sellers and find your favorite or just use whatever size of board you have in your kitchen. It is ok to make a small charcuterie board if that is what you have on hand

Choose the food items that make you happy and keep in mind the additional cost of things like Marcona almonds or fancy olive oil. Fresh produce can be a value if you buy what is in season.

It’s a good idea to use low-risk foods that you know your guests will like. On your wooden board, you can fill in areas by using fresh bread and even make it fancy by wrapping it in parchment paper.

Whatever you choose, whether you’re making a large board for 10-12 people or a medium board for 8-10 people, I’m sure your round board charcuterie platters will be a delicious success.

First things first, grab your mobile device and post some quick pics on social media!

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Why Making A Charcuterie Board At Home Is A Better Option

There are several reasons why making a cheese board at home for a special occasion can be a better option than buying one from a store

  1. Cost-effective: Making a cheese board at home can be more cost-effective than buying one pre-made from a store or restaurant.
  2. Customizable: When making your own cheeseboard, you can choose the types and quantities of cheese, as well as other accompaniments, that you like and tailor it to your preferences.
  3. Freshness: By making your own cheese board, you can ensure that all of the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. Nothing beats fresh fruit and cured meat from your favorite grocery stores.
  4. Creative expression: Making a cheese board is a creative process and allows you to express your individual style and taste.
  5. Fun and rewarding: Making a cheese board can be a fun and rewarding experience, and sharing it with others can be a great way to bring people together as well as for corporate events.
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Pro Tips

One of the best ways to serve cheese is at room temperature

Keep dietary restrictions in mind

Cover the entire board

Custom charcuterie boards are expensive

While store-bought cheeseboards are a great option and can be convenient, making your own cheeseboard at home is a cheaper option and can be a more personal and enjoyable experience that allows you to create a spread that is perfect for your taste and budget. With just a bit of money, your charcuterie board ingredients can go a long way.

Here Are Some Common Cheese Board Items To Consider

When making a charcuterie board at home, you can include a variety of items to create a balanced and visually appealing spread.

  1. Cheese: Choose a variety of cheeses with different textures and flavors, such as soft brie, sharp cheddar, and tangy goat cheese. Soft cheese or hard cheese, your favorite types of cheese will take your board to the next level
  2. Meat: Add a selection of cured meats, such as prosciutto, salami, or chorizo.
  3. Fruit: Include fresh or dried fruits, such as grapes, figs, or apricots.
  4. Nuts: Add some crunch with a selection of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, or pistachios.
  5. Crackers and bread: Offer a variety of crackers and bread, such as baguette slices or water crackers.
  6. Spreads and dips: Add some flavor with spreads and dips, such as hummus, tapenade, or honey.
  7. Vegetables: Include some fresh vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, or carrot sticks.
  8. Extras: Consider adding some extras, such as olives, pickles, or dark chocolate.

Remember to arrange the items in a visually appealing way and provide utensils for easy serving. Enjoy!

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