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The Easiest Charcuterie Board You Should Make This Easter!

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All you need are a few things to do this the easy way!

The key to making any cheese board or Easter board is adding the things that you think your guests will love! Making a beautiful Easter charcuterie board is not hard at all! In fact, you can make this a healthy charcuterie board, a fun charcuterie board, a board with small bites or you can make the board whatever you are feeling at the time.

There are lots of fun ideas for your next Easter party! We don’t always have to stick to the traditional Easter desserts that are reserved for the Easter holiday.

Easter Charcuterie Board Theme Ideas

When you take this approach, you can make all kinds of boards!

  • Themed charcuterie boards
  • Taco charcuterie boards
  • Easter dessert board
  • Easter s’mores board
  • An adorable Easter charcuterie board
  • A candy board with Easter treats

I could go on and on but you get my point. The great thing is that you can use things that you already have in your kitchen! Remember, the Easter bunny brings all kinds of things and puts them in Easter baskets so you can do the same thing with your fun Easter charcuterie board!

Having an Easter charcuterie board will be a huge hit for your guests and family to nibble on before Easter dinner. An easy charcuterie board is a fun way to add some simple creativity to your Easter meal. Having an Easter charcuterie board appetizer also takes the pressure off of having dinner ready at a set time!

A perfect way to get started is to hit your local grocery store or Trader Joe’s.

Grab the Following Ingredients To Get You Started On Your Easter Charcuterie Board

  • Fresh fruit (think strawberries, grapes and berries)
  • Dried fruits and nuts (think apricots, cranberries, cashews, pistachios)
  • A few of your favorite cheeses (think cheddar, Havarti and/or goat cheese)
  • Some sort of jelly or honey (I LOVE pepper jelly but any will work!)
  • Some savory meats (salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, BACON – I LOVE BACON!!)
  • A serving board or large cutting board (You do not need to use a giant board or any particular board. Just grab something from your kitchen and put your items on)
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How To Build An Easter Charcuterie Board

Put your small containers or small clay pot on the platter first, then arrange around these items.

Arrange the loose items (fruit, nuts, chunks, etc.) in bunches that are no larger than a handful. It’s ok to have more than one bunch of the same thing. If you have sliced cheeses, arrange them rows. The rows do not need to be next to each other.

Now, voila! You have just made an Easter charcuterie board!

Pro Tip – Choose a board that fits that amount of food you need to serve so that you can cover the entire board!

Pro Tip – Use thin slices of meats so that you can cover more space on the board. This helps so you don’t have any white space on the board!

Pro Tip – Grab a small clay pot or tiny bowls for honey, olive oil or hummus.

Pro Tip – Add anything from your Easter recipes that fits such as deviled eggs or a family favorite.

If you really want to impress in the Easter area, add a chocolate bunny or some peanut butter eggs. You could even use green food coloring to make anything a bit more Easter like! Whatever your favorite Easter candy is, grab it!

Charcuterie board with meat, cheese, fruit and chips.Pin

Grab a big board. You can also use a large platter! Grab a few small bowls, some Easter candy like some Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, sweet treats and you can’t forget about the robin eggs or anything that satisfies your sweet tooth. You can even include pastel colors! Do whatever YOU like!

I like to use a wooden board and I like to combine hard cheeses and soft cheeses on a beautiful Easter charcuterie board. It’s a great addition for a mini family gathering and is also a great way to feed your folks from a delicious grazing board while everyone is waiting for dinner or participating in all the events that’s around Easter weekend.

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A Traditional Charcuterie Board

For this post I’m going to stick with the traditional charcuterie board. I like to have small pieces of different items so there are a variety of items on the board. Ignore any rules that you may have been told. When placing the food items, you can also try some savory appetizers on the board just make the board a little bigger. There really is not a wrong way to do a charcuterie board. It depends on the extra cost that you are comfortable with or the items you want to include.

The perfect addition is to add a bit of sweetness to your board. If you have one, stop by a Trader Joe’s and pick out your meat products, some colorful candies that you find in different shapes. It’s a festive way to include Easter and it’s so much fun! You can never go wrong with baby carrots or different vegetable items.

You can also put some baked goods on there too. I tend to include a variety of meats and I fold them in different ways. Some people put an appetizer tray next to the charcuterie board but there are dozens of Easter charcuterie boards that will meet your needs.

If you think your charcuterie boards getting too big, you can always make a separate Easter dessert charcuterie board or an Easter candy charcuterie board. It’s the opening of the spring season so you pretty much create whatever you want and it will be amazing!

So go and grab a wine glass, take some pics of your amazing board and plaster your creation all over social media!

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