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The EASIEST DIY Grazing Table You Never Knew You Could Make!

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I love food! I love everything about food and all of the different ways that you can enjoy food!

When I discovered grazing tables, my head nearly exploded! I just had to start making these tables for my friends and family!

One of my sorority sisters was having her first baby and we went all out to celebrate this momentous occasion with a baby shower that included a grazing table with her favorite cheeses and a large amount of food. The set up did not take too much time at all.

This was the very first grazing table that I had ever made. You can see by the photo that it wasn’t super fancy. I’m telling you this because I want you to just get started.

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Here is my first grazing table. Not perfect but it was delicious!

It doesn’t matter what it looks like or if you don’t think it’s perfect. It’s a grazing table so it’s not going to be perfect but it IS going to be delicious!

A great addition to any personal or corporate event is a beautiful grazing table! You can make your own grazing table with beautiful visual appeal and it’s a great way to save money while you’re doing it.

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It Is Time To Make Your DIY Grazing Table

Bring all of the great ideas that you have for charcuterie boards and turn them into a grazing platter or a simple grazing table. 

Food safety is a key thing when you are building a grazing table. While cheese should be served at room temperature, we don’t want to get anyone sick! Pay attention to the time and the temperature! You don’t want to take three hours setting up a grazing table in the blazing heat and have food out 3 hours before your guests arrive!  

So let’s get started. The first thing you want to do is decide what or why are you making this grazing table. Is the table for a fancy event? Is it a few friends coming over or are we pulling out all the stops?

Should you be making a grazing board instead of a simple grazing table? Is this a small birthday party, a Christmas lunch or are you warming up to make sure that you have THE holiday party of all holiday parties?

Grazing tables are great for cocktail hours and birthday parties.

Planning will help you when you’re deciding on what to grab to make the table. Another key to the grazing table is having different heights on the table and having enough food to cover the space that you are wanting to cover.

By having different heights, this adds dimension to the grazing table. I think that this sets the table apart from just the charcuterie board that’s flat on the table!

Zoomed in view of a grazing board with grapes, cheese and fruit.Pin

For a grazing table, you will need

  • a flat surface
  • fresh fruits
  • fresh veggies
  • fresh herbs
  • different kinds of cheese
  • a few different meats
  • some sweets or jellies

Make a shopping list so you know exactly what it is that you will be picking up from your local produce market. Sometimes when we don’t have a list to guide us, we end up with a bunch a sweet food items and very little savory items.

For your hardware, I would grab

  • some small bowls
  • a wooden board
  • a large platter
  • small plates of different sizes
  • some cake stands
  • tiered stands
  • cheese knives
  • brown wrapping paper or butcher paper
  • a chafing dish

None of these items are a must! Use what you have! The items listed are just a guide!

If you have a cheese board or any serving platters that you use all of the time, use them. It is the perfect way to bring all of your grazing table ideas together.

Remember to create some visual interest by using the entire table and including some sweet treats and a selection of fresh flowers! You can let your flowers do the talking to represent the holiday season! You can also purchase ready-made food and finger food that has a holiday theme if this is what you going for with your table design.

Identify the table that you’ll be using with a flat surface. Put your butcher paper down first, then set up your largest items.

To fill the table, grab some potato chips as a filler, a variety of meats, sun-dried tomatoes and dried fruit such as apricots and cranberries, deli meats, bread sticks, bell peppers and anything else you want. Use your creative skills to place the items. Yes, you have creative skills!

This is also known as, put the stuff on the table wherever you think it should go! This is the easy way to do a grazing table for the first time. You can place a wedding cake on the table if you are doing tables for wedding receptions.

Finger foods are a must! Feel free to purchase ready-made foods to save time. You could even purchase a charcuterie platter if you find a nice one at a great price!

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Pro Tips For Your DIY Grazing Table

Pro tip – I like to use butcher paper! I put butcher paper or heavy duty food safe kraft paper on the table so that when the event is over you have an easy cleanup. All you have to do is roll up the paper and throw everything away that’s on the table.

Trust me, by the time the event is over the food has had its time on the table. It should not be stored for additional use unless the event was for a very short amount of time. 

Pro Tip – I like to visit my local markets and shops to grab cheese, seasonal fruit and jellies when I do not make my own. An impressive way to have a beautiful grazing table is to have artisan cheese wheels or a type of food that most people will love. 

Pro Tip – It is super easy to make salami roses! Grab a wine glass and fold the meat over the rim of the glass. Repeat this step until you can’t see the glass. Turn the glass upside down and there is your rose! This is a great thing if you discover that you bought too much meat!

Pro Tip – Looking for a quick dip for your bread sticks? Pour some olive oil in a bowl and add your favorite spices! Remember to add a dash of salt!

I also add traditional items like tiny pickles, potato chips and breadsticks as filler items so that I do not spend too much money.

Setting up a grazing table can take a lot of time if you are not organized

Don’t stress about this part. The table can be done in a fun way or a new way and you will never have too much food if you plan accordingly by making a shopping list. 

Pro tip – Put your meats and soft cheeses out last. It allows them to keep longer but stay in a safe temperature range for food safety purposes

Pro tip – If you discover that you have run out of food, it’s OK! Just don’t cover the whole table OR make one end of the table a dessert table.

Pro tip – Use parchment paper that is cut to the shape of any greasy or oily items that you may be putting on the table

Pro tip – Goat cheese is delightful. You are making a grazing table for a special occasion! Use the goat cheese!

Pro tip – A good rule of thumb is to fill in any white spaces that are left on the table.

Chips or nuts or traditional meat are great items to fill in empty spaces on the table. You can also use deli meat that is cut and rolled into bite-sized portions. Most deli meats pair very well with sharp cheddar.

Grazing tables can be tons of fun to make and eat! Remember, don’t take yourself too seriously! Your table will be a show stopper!

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